Our values

Our beginning

It all started from under a tree. Open-air classes were conducted in different sectors of Islamabad, where underprivileged children would be given free education and food, which got them off the streets. This kept on going for four years until we were able to rent a proper building for Mount Hira School in 2012.

Our mission

Reach to the deprived sectors of society. Find the people there and provide them with free education, training, food, healthcare and basic necessities in order to produce good citizens and contributing human beings.

Our vision

Is to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, ignorance and illness. Resulting in general happiness of the society and a promising future for our children.

Our motto

Be the change you want to see in the world... And smile!.

Cdr. Abid Iqbal Founding Member and Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Ayesha Iqbal Founding Member and Managing Director
Ms. Rizwana Latif Founding Member and Principal, Mount Hira School
Ms. Rubaba Iqbal Founding Member and Incharge, Dastarkhuwaan
Ms. Hina Wajid Incharge, Iqbal Vocational Center
Dr. Fouzia Nazir Incharge, Rehman Medical Camps
Ms. Fatima Rehman Incharge, Street Store
Ms. Saira Shakeel Incharge, Marriage Support for orphan girls
Mr. Zaman Khan Admin Incharge