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Who are we??

We are a welfare organization. Our aim is to provide free education, training, food, healthcare and basic necessities to the deprived sectors of the society in order to produce good citizens and contributing human beings.

What we do

Faiz-e-Aam welfare trust is working on a number of projects for the benefit and welfare of the underprivileged. These include educational as well as social welfare programs. Please take some time and have a look at our following projects.

A well equipped school runs under the umbrella of Faiz-e-Aam welfare trust. Children receive free primary education, course books, uniforms, and snacks. This school is registered as Mount Hira, and provides value-based moral education to children along with formal studies.

We frequently establish medical camps around the poor comunity to provide them free medical checkups and give them medicine or treatment where necessary. The patients are also given talks on the importance of cleanliness and healthy lifestyle.

Our vision

Is to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, ignorance and illness. Resulting in general hapiness of the society and a promising future for our children.

Mount Hira Teacher

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